iPhone 13 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Ultra
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iPhone 13 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Ultra

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iPhone 13 Screen Protector
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Made With CORNING Glass

Easy Apply Tray

0.44 mm Slim

Dust Proof Speaker Grill

Eye Popping Clarity


3D Polished Edges

Face ID Compatible

Case Friendly

Nano Silicone Adhesive

Responsive Touch

9H Hardness

Engineered With

Glass Apart

Are you tired of constantly replacing those cheap screen protectors that just can't handle a little bit of wear and tear? Say goodbye to those frustrating moments with X.Glas ULTRA! This iPhone 13 screen protector is engineered with CORNING glass, the same glass used to make all modern day premium smartphone screens. So that’s another layer of tough and durable glass that supersedes your screen, ready to take on whatever life throws its way. Whether you're constantly on the go or just want the peace of mind that comes with top-of-the-line screen protection, the X.Glas ULTRA has got you covered. Its like Apple care but for your iPhone screen.

3X More Break and
Scratch Resistance

Designed to Endure

X.Glas Ultra, made with Corning Glass at its core, undergoes a rigorous proprietary manufacturing process of heating and cooling to reach its ultimate strength. What does it mean for you? X.Glas Ultra provides three times the break and scratch resistance of standard screen protectors. So that’s another layer of tough and durable glass on your screen, ready to take on whatever life throws its way. Never worry about accidental drops or spills again and no matter what you have in your pocket (keys, swiss knives, a combat knife?), X.Glas Ultra can handle it all. Experience cutting-edge screen protection for your iPhone 13 with the X.Glas Ultra.

Easy Application

You CAN'T get this wrong

Most of what you hear about X.Glas is HARD. Super hard tempered glass, doesn't scratch that easily, its hard as diamonds etc etc. Sure this glass screen protector is hard on scratches and cracks but you won’t believe how EASY it is to install. Our simple to use alignment tray ensures fast, perfect alignment and a completely hassle free install. And with the anti-static nano-silicone adhesive repelling most of the dust during installation, you can’t go wrong with an installation this easy that you can do in a snap.

Reinforced 3D Polished

Your fingers will thank us

Reinforced with double strength around the edges, X.Glas Ultra resists chipping and cracking that you might have experienced with other low-quality tempered glass. Our one-of-a-kind chemical reinforcement process ensures that your edges remain strong, no matter how often you use your phone. And with ultra-smooth 3D polished edges, you'll experience effortless swipes, without the pain of sharp edges. Not only will your fingers thank us, but your screen will look seamless and blend perfectly with your device.

Eye-popping Clarity

Stunning Visuals

With Corning glass at its core, experience the ultimate in visual clarity with the X.Glass Ultra Screen Guard for the iPhone 13 . Corning glass gives a massive bump in optical transmittance making gaming and binge-watching a little slice of optical paradise. Its incredible transparency gives you a true-to-life visual experience, as if you're staring straight into your ‘own soul’. So why wait? Upgrade your iPhone's screen protection today with our iPhone 13 Screen Guard and drench your eyes in a world of stunning immersive visuals that no other glass protector can provide.

Anti-fingerprint Ceramic Coating
Swiping never felt better

Do you hate the way fingerprints and smudges seem to appear out of nowhere? X.Glas Ultra features a unique ceramic coating that resists fingerprints to keep your screen looking cleaner. The ceramic coating also provides an ultra-smooth touch experience making your instagram feed swipes buttery smooth while keeping those pesky smudges at bay so that you can enjoy your device without constantly worrying about its appearance. Get the X.Glas iPhone 13 screen guard today and experience the benefits of a cleaner screen for improved visibility, reduced glare, and having an iPhone screen that always looks as good as new.

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