How to Apply

Tempered Glass Application
X-Glas Ultra Tempered Glass
X.Glas Ultra Tempered Glass With Tray
X-Glas Plus Tempered Glass
X-Glas Plus Tempered Glass With Frame
X-Glas Plus Tempered Glass Without Frame
TIP #1
Encountered a gap on the edges or a non-edge-to-edge fit with the tempered glass? To quell your concerns : the gap is intentionally included to prevent any conflicts between the case and the tempered glass. Given the multitude of cases in the market, creating a glass design tailored to each one is virtually impossible. This glass prioritizes compatibility with various cases, necessitating a sufficient gap to ensure functionality with the glass.
TIP #2
Encountered bubbles along the edges of the X-Glas? The occurrence of bubbles might be attributed to the type of case in use. Cases that extend into the screen area are not in aligned with our X-Glas, leading to compatibility issues. Opt for a case that aligns seamlessly with our X-Glass design, ensuring a bubble-free experience for your device.