How to Apply

Screen & Body Protectors Application
Phone Screen & Body Protectors with Installation Kit 
Phone Screen & Body Protectors without Installation Kit 
MacBook Body Protector with Installation Kit
MacBook Body Protector without Installation Kit
Tablet Screen & Body Protector with Installation Kit
Tablet Screen & Body Protector without Installation Kit
Round & Square Smart Watches without Installation Kit
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 without Installation Kit
Nothing Ear (2) Body Protectors
TIP #1
Troubled by the issue of protectors peeling off your edges? Here's a pro tip: start by cleaning the edges using the installation kit. Reapply the protectors ensuring a snug fit and to seal the protectors, use a hairdryer over the edges to dry any excess solution left on the screen.
TIP #2
Dealing with pesky bubbles or dust on your protectors application? Here's a pro tip: first and foremost, ensure you're working in a dust-free environment to prevent any unwanted particles from sneaking in. Simply peel back the affected area slightly, delicately clean it using the provided solution, and then reapply the protectors. This results in free from any unsightly blemishes and ensures your device protectors bubble-free & dust-free.
TIP #3
Encountering the challenge of water getting trapped after installing your protectors? Here's a pro tip: simply apply a gentle touch of heat to the affected area, then allow the protectors to dry completely. This ensures the protectors gradually settling with moisture-free finish.